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What are the Features of Mockoon?

Mockoon allows you to develop fake REST APIs for free. Mockoon is a free and open-source tool for creating and testing fake REST APIs. With a straightforward and simple-to-use UI, you can create working mock REST APIs in seconds. Mockoon is Open API-compliant and seamlessly integrates with your existing applications and API design workflow. By intercepting chosen endpoints and forwarding the rest, Mockoon makes it simple to integrate with existing back-end and APIs. With the built-in session recording, you can troubleshoot complicated situations. When it comes to mocking, Mockoon gives you a lot of options: custom statuses, route and global headers, file serving or body editing, and more.

Features of Mackoon are:

  • You can create as many mock APIs as you want with as many routes as you want and execute them in parallel.
  • You can run your fake APIs using the CLI in any headless or automated environment, such as CI, GitHub Actions, Docker containers, and so on.
  • Swagger/OpenAPI API import/export is supported by Mockoon.
  • The Route regex supported (/.*, /[a-z]{3}, …), based on ExpressJS syntax.
  • Mockoon can serve several rules-based or random responses with any headers, bodies, or HTTP status codes.
  • For OPTIONS requests, you can deliver CORS headers (Access-Control-Allow-Origin, etc.) automatically.
  • Mockoon uses a self-signed certificate to deliver your mock API over TLS.
  • Any response headers, as well as auto-completion, can be added to your routes and mock API.
  • You can add latency at the environment, route, or both levels.
  • For easy debugging, all incoming requests and responses are logged.
  • With Mockoon’s proxy mode, you can redirect all non-defined routes to the given site.
  • Multiple languages are supported through a rich text editor for body content (JSON, HTML, etc).
  • Mockoon supports templating in the body, file content, and header, as well as a variety of helpers such as URL params, query params, and JSON body lookup.
  • The autosaving option is available.

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